3M Filtrete Air Filters

Air filters are a vital part of healthy homes. Leading the way in air filtration, 3M Filtrete Air Filters were designed to provide the cleanest air possible without sacrificing HVAC efficiency. Filtrete Air Filters are among the top brand air filter you can buy, and Air Filter Express now carries the full Filtrete line.

Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air is not immune to pollutants. In fact, indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor air in a lot of cases. Think about it. Air is filled with dust, pollen, bacteria, fungus, pet dander dust mites and other allergens.

3M Filtrete air filters help reduce the amount of airborne particles in your air, giving you and your family a healthier living environment. And, who doesn’t want that?

The Choice is Simple

Select one of the models below for more information and to purchase the filter that fits your needs. If you know the filter and size you need, use the search bar at the top of the site to find your filter easily.

      Filtrete Dust and Pollen 600 picture         Filtrete Micro Allergen 1000 picture         Filtrete Ultra Allergen picture         Filtrete Ultimate Allergen picture         Filtrete Elite Allergen picture
    Dust and Pollen      Micro Allergen         Ultra Allergen        Ultimate Allergen         Elite Allergen 
              600                          1000                      1250/1500                     1900                              2200